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Monday 9th September 2002.
People Feel Unsafe, He Says

Sadiq Baksh, the Member of Parliament for San Fernando West, is calling on the Government to improve street-lighting in some of the key residential areas of his constituency, specifically Palmiste and Gulf View, while upgrading the level of street-lighting in other areas including Marabella, Vistabella and Rambert Village.

Mr. Baksh, recently addressed a group of San Fernandians who came together to establish neighbourhood- and community-watches.  Hemade the commitment to do everything he could to advocate for greatersafety and security in San Fernando and its environs.

Commenting on his call for improved lighting, Mr. Baksh said, “There is a great deal of insecurity in Trinidad and Tobago. People are not feeling safe.  The government has the responsibility to make life better for the people of the country.  You cannot improve the quality of life of individuals who feel threatened.  You have to deal with the threat first and you have to make every effort to ensure that they are safe on the streets and in their homes.” He further commented that an allocation was made for streetlights to be provided in all of these areas and that all that needed to be done was the implementation .He lamented that even this the PNM could not do.

Mr. Baksh also commented on the PNM’s inability to provide the residents of San Fernando with 3,000 new houses.  He said, “We were told that for a dollar down each working person would have the opportunity to own a home.  They were promised that 3,000 new homes would be built for San Fernandians.  So far, we have seen none and I doubt that any can be built before the election on October 7.”

Mr. Baksh believes that the PNM should seek to complete the work thathis party, the United National Congress (UNC) had started and budgeted for.  He explained, “The paving of Palmiste was to be followed by improved lighting. The same for Gulf View and the other areas.  Now, with the high rise in crime, especially kidnapping, people are scared and the lack of good lighting makes them even more afraid.  This Government is not reducing the crime or improving the lighting.  It is why I say that the PNM is bad for business and is bad business.”