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Constituency Executive Urges Media Caution

The San Fernando West Constituency Executive of the United National Congress (UNC) wishes to clarify that Mr. James Ragoonanan is not a member of the Executive and does not hold any official position at any level in the constituency.

The Executive deplores the link made in the media between the UNC and Mr. Ragoonanan. This is a blatant attempt to bring a responsible national organization, the UNC, into disrepute by inference.

The Executive once again draws national attention to a plot by the Peopleís National Movement (PNM) to undermine the Member of Parliament (MP) and the Executive of San Fernando West.

Daily there are rumors of impending arrests of UNC officials and accusations of underhand activities by our MP and Executive. The MPís family and close relatives were subjected to police harassment and public humiliation. We maintain that all these actions are part of a desperate plan to reduce the credibility of the UNC and the MP in San Fernando West. This Executive created history when, in the years 2000 and 2001, San Fernando West was won by the UNC. The PNM believes that by destroying the credibility of the MP and UNC in San Fernando West they would be able to capture the San Fernando West constituency in the coming general elections.

We urge the media to be aware of the undesirable perceptions being created at times. A phone call (653-8273) to the San Fernando West Office of the UNC or the MP would have established that Mr. Ragoonanan is not part of the Executive. Their media, by choosing to run unquestioningly the information fed to them, were unwitting tools of those bent on destroying the UNC in San Fernando West. There will be many more such attempts to implicate the constituency and MP in the near future. The media must deal with these issues objectively and always seek to get all sides of the issues raised.

We thank all the members of the public, particularly from the San Fernando West Constituency, who have indicated their disgust with the attempts to discredit the Constituency Executive and MP, and who have agreed to join with us in protesting the actions of the PNM and the police. We also thank all our loyal supporters who have confirmed that these attempts to drag down the UNC have, in fact, strengthened their resolve and heightened their commitment to our party.