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Our Political Leader, the Honourable Basdeo Panday; my fellow foot-soldiers of the UNC; my fellow activists; my fellow loyalists; my brothers and sisters; my friends and colleagues on the ground floor.

Never before in the history of Trinidad and Tobago has there been such a time of crime and persecution.
Never before in the history of Trinidad and Tobago has there been such a time of murder and madness.
Never before in the history of Trinidad and Tobago have there been such bad times and hard times.
Times of helplessness, times of homelessness, times of weakness and times of lawlessness.
However, do not despair.  Do not depart. Do not desert Mother Trinidad and Tobago.
In the midst of helplessness, help is at hand, and you will always find a helping hand from your party, the United National Congress, and our Leader, the Honourable Basdeo Panday.
In these times of homelessness, we will provide homes and we will make sure they are safe and secure homes.
I have found out that having a house, or having a home, are not enough to protect you from the forces of evil.  A man’s home is no longer his castle.
Peace and prosperity, the twin pillars of good government, have gone to Miami.  They are there waiting for the UNC to return to office.  They ‘fraid the PNM.  And they have very good reasons to be afraid.  I understand those reasons.  I fraid the PNM too.

A few months ago, I left my children in my home and went to look after my sick wife.  And in the night, while my children slept and the dogs barked, some person or persons unknown planted drugs and missiles in my drinking water.
I don’t know who did it, but I know why.

My friends, the possession of missiles is a non-bailable offence.  Straight jail, no bail.  This would have reduced the UNC to 17 members of Parliament.
All now so I would not have been on this platform.  I would be in jail.  And worse, there would never have been an election on October 7th.   With 18-17 the PNM would have been able to elect a Speaker.  While they moving motions in Parliament, they would have moved me and my family to Carrera.

My friends, the UNC will never do something like that.   We move people to better and better accommodations.
We provide squatters with different levels of tenure until the land is theirs.  Last year we came up with something called Project HOME- H,O,M,E- Housing Opportunities Made Easy.  We decided to provide approximately 30,000 people with opportunities to have their own homes.  Next thing we know the PNM hijack our HOME.  They kidnap our concept.  They steal the name of our project.  Patrick Manning and his followers invaded our HOME the way Robert Mugabe and his supporters take away the homes of farmers in Zimbabwe.  Patrick Mugabe Manning grab our HOME the same way Forbes Burnham take away the homes of farmers in Guyana.

When we return to office, we are going to stick to our tradition of good governance.  It is a tradition based on a respect for the rights and freedoms of our people.  We want you to move up in Trinidad, not move out from Trinidad.  From October 8th , or as soon as possible afterwards, we will make sure that all those people who registered with us, the 25,000 people who registered, will be given first preference for the opportunities we will be creating on a daily basis.  Every day we will provide 20 new housing opportunities to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

The PNM said every-time they give out a batch of homes, those who registered and were unsuccessful, will have to register again.  Fortunately, they did not build any homes so that nobody has to register again.  You remember the confusion that took place when they asked people to register?  Well there would have been even more confusion.  That is what the PNM likes.  They like confusion.  They go out of their way to create confusion.  And now they have Mr. Confusion himself supporting them- the Man from Mucurapo.

What I cannot understand is how John Rahael when he was in charge of the Downtown Merchants Association was so much against them and now he is saying that giving them the land is no big thing.

The situation with him, with Manning and the PNM  shows you the big gap between the PNM and the UNC.  We are builders.  They are destroyers.  We are constructive.  They are destructive.  We are for safety and security.  They are for endangerment and insecurity.
We built a fence, not just me, or the Cabinet, but the army, the police, and public servants in the Ministry of Works.
The whole nation watched and held their breaths while we did it.  We built the fence to separate state lands, the lands belonging to the people, from those lands which a court had deemed belonged to those who killed people.
Then the PNM came into power and they destroyed the fence.  They destroyed the fence.  In the process they have destroyed the trust, the sacred trust, that a people place in their Government.  They have betrayed us.  The PNM has betrayed the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

The UNC will never betray that trust.

We will ensure that the people of Trinidad and Tobago get opportunities for safe and secure housing, opportunities for peace and prosperity, and opportunities for stability and success.  We will ensure that the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago will reap the benefits of a stable economy and a supportive environment for growth.

My friends, even though a house is more than a home, yet at the most fundamental level, it is a home.  It gives you psychological security.  It gives you the feeling of comfort.  This is your own.

We no longer have that feeling of comfort as home owners.  From Granville to Gran Riviere, from Guyaguayare to Green Acres, from Curepe to Chaguaramas, from Sangre Grande to San Fernando, from Toco to Talparo, nobody feels secure in their own homes anymore.  My friends, we will restore that sense of security, and that feeling of safety.  People living in fear cannot be productive.  People living in a state of terror cannot ever live up to their potential.  We cannot be a first class nation if we allow two-bit criminals and warlords to take over our homes, our streets, our neighbourhoods and our communities.
We will take back our streets.
We will create conditions in the new communities of Project HOME that will ensure a rebirth of national pride.  We will put together an integrated programme of better and more street lighting, more community patrols, better and well-lit roads, and encouragement for Neighbourhood Watches. The environments that create and support crime and substance abuse will be eliminated and replaced by environments that provide jobs and opportunities for self-development and community empowerment.  The cesspits of criminality, the culture of dependency and entitlement, that spawn crime, will disappear from the map of Trinidad.
We will not give you a house that is a target.  Instead, we will give you a home that is an opportunity for growth and self-fulfilment, a source of pride and joy.  We will not give you a house that places you at risk.  We will give you a home that provides the basis for investment.  We will give you a home that is the foundation for the future of you and your family. You will get a platform for progress.  You will have a safe haven for success and sustainability.  Thirty-thousand homes.  The IDB has already made the money available to the PNM.  All they know is how to waste money.  We will provide the management talent and the mindpower that will make Project HOME possible and successful.
My friends, the PNM promised 3,000 houses in South Trinidad at a deposit of one dollar down.  They take the dollars, 15 billion of our dollars, but where are the houses?  I am not seeing any.  However, I would not be surprised if these houses are where we can’t find them- O’Halloran Avenue, Ou Wai Acres and Prevatt Pastures, not to mention Saith Park or even Seukeran Street.
My friends, Clorox cannot change the spots on a leopard.  Breeze cannot wash away the sins of the PNM.  Dettol cannot sanitize their record.  The wolves are still there even when they wear sheep’s clothing.
When they call themselves a “caring” government add an “s” to that.  They are a scaring government and that will not change.
In 9 months of PNM rule, investment has shrunk to almost nothing.
In 9 months of PNM rule, crime, murders, kidnapping, and drug-use have increased to crisis levels.
In 9 months of PNM rule, business is going down.
In 9 months of PNM rule, crime is going up, kidnapping is going up, drug abuse is going up
And Manning is going down, and will go down.   He will drown in the same crime wave that he started.

My fellow loyalists, the message is loud and clear.
The PNM is bad for business.
The PNM is bad business.
The PNM is bad. Just bad.
However you take it the PNM is bad for everything and everybody.

My friends
Go out in the streets and in the communities and let our people know that salvation is at hand.  Let them know that we will help them to experience safety and security once more.

Let them know as sure as day follows night, the sun will rise in all its glory and splendour, shining its light on the way ahead for Trinidad and Tobago.  It will provide warmth, comfort and security for us all the children of Mother Trinidad and Tobago, regardless of race, creed, class or geography.

Long live the Political Leader!
Long live the UNC!
Long live Mother Trinidad and Tobago!