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OVER 10,000 Constituents Seen For 2001
The office just could'nt accomodate the volume                        They come from very early to ensure they they see
  constituents at this time - but they waited.                                          their MP Sadiq Baksh first.

     Most people would cast doubt about the amount of people that the MP for San Fernando West has seen in such a short period of time. Well, the evidence is  there for all to verify at his Constituency Head office at 17 Cipero Street. Thousands and thousands of files on each of these Constituents verifying details of their visits, and revisits and what actions and and assistance were given.

      Of course, in order to acomplish this feat, with the assistance of Volunteers, these sessions which begun on Saturdays often  ended  on Sunday. Although some complaints were made about the lenght of time they had to wait to see the MP, they always left satisfied, and similarly, the MP would never leave until he had satisfied each and every constituent. To be continued.....

MP Arrives at his Constituency Office