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14th August , 2001.
Naparima Bowl.

Meeting between the Business Community and the MP for San Fernando West.

      The meeting was originally supposed to deal with the problem of  vending within the city, but both MP and the business men expanded the Topic to deal with their major problems within the city. Some of the major issues raised by the business men were

1. Vending problems and possible solutions
2. Vagrancy
3. Cleanliness of the city
4. Crime
5. Parking
6. Indiscriminate wrecking
7. Escalating commercial rent
8. Traffic congestion.
MP Addresses the San Fernando Businessmen             San Fernando Business Community

      Other and more specific comments made by Business men included -:

1. The creation of a tourist attraction at the waterfront
2. The noise pollution caused by the Gulf City link road vendors and Screamers II .
3. Shortage of Sporting facilities especially for cricket and swimming.
4. Beautification of Gulf city link road
5. Creation of roads to reduce traffic
6. Building of a multistory carpark with the ground floor reserved for vendors
7. Lack of water during business hours

Outlined by the Minister were
1. Setting up of an appropriate climate for both vendors and business community
2. Restoration of San Fernando the its former glory
3. Restoration of Irvin Park
4. Dealing with poverty
5. Adequate housing
MP in one and one with some business men after the meeting.

      The MP assured the Business men that their contributions were noted, and would be receieve his attention. He  even asked some of the contributors to write down the details of their ideas and plans and submit them to his office.

William Archie